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Middle School Miscellaneous

A Guide to the Business of Babysitting  This website is specifically designed to be used by young people, ages 14-19 who are interested in learning more about the business of babysitting. This is not developed for youth under the age of 14 or for child care professionals who generally need a more concentrated, in-depth learning experience.  Click Here
Encyclopedia Britannica  Here is another wonderful online encyclopedia. This site browses similarly to WorldBook Online.  Click Here
Health Check  More information on vitamins and minerals for FACS.  Click Here
Iditarod  Iditarod information.  Click Here
Iditarod 2  More inormation on the Iditarod  Click Here
Iditarod 3  Even more inormation on the Iditarod  Click Here
Iditarod 4  Even more inormation on the Iditarod  Click Here
Iditarod 5  Another site for the Iditarod  Click Here
Iditarod Historic Trail  Information on the Historic Trail.  Click Here
Kids Health  Understanding the new food guide pyramid.  Click Here
Learn More Resource Center  Former ICPAC website. students will need more than a high school diploma to get ahead. The Learn More Resource Center, Indiana's Pre-K to College Connection, helps Hoosiers of all ages realize a better future. Follow these links to find information, tools, opportunities and support.  Click Here
Leonardo`s Workshop  Italy project 6th grade.  Click Here
National Geographic Education  National Geographic's website for teachers, with lesson plans and online activities for your classroom.  Click Here
New Food Pyramid  This site has information and a worksheet for the new foodguide pyramid.  Click Here
Nutrition & Food Web Archive  Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency, Dependency and Toxicity info for FACS.  Click Here
Nutrition for Everyone  Nutrition information for FACS.  Click Here
Nutritional Disorders  Vitamin and mineral deficiencies for FACS.  Click Here
The WebQuest Page at San Diego State University  This site is designed to serve as a resource to those who are using the WebQuest model to teach with the web. By pointing to excellent examples and collecting materials developed to communicate the idea, all of us experimenting with WebQuests will be able to learn from each other.  Click Here
United Streaming  A website offering tons of cool and interesting video streaming content from the Discovery Channel.  Click Here
Vatican Museums  Tour the museums  Click Here
Vitamins & Minerals  Information on vitamins and minerals for FACS.  Click Here
Vitamins & Nutrients  Research for 7th grade FACS.  Click Here
Water Soluble Minerals  Vitamin information for FACS.  Click Here
Wells Fargo Lessons  Guide to financial literacy.  Click Here

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