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Elementary Social Studies

Black History Timeline  Timeline starting in the 1500`s with the arrival of slaves  Click Here
Castles of Britain - Castle Learning Center  This another awesome site about British Castles. You can learn anything and everything you need here, from Knights to information on what it took to build a castle.  Click Here
Colonial Hall  Bios of the Founding Fathers  Click Here
Go Places: Explore the World  Students can use interactive maps with photos and descriptions of interesting places. Quiz themselves on what they have discovered. Speak like a native of each country by listening to soundclips of the language.  Click Here
Landforms and Bodies of Water  This site will help you understand the different types of landforms and bodies of water. You can print out a sheet to label the landforms or print a quiz.  Click Here
Life in a Medieval Castle  If you are studying Medieval Castles, then check this site out. It covers information from the kitchen to the chapel.  Click Here
Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport  This is a good site for multiple facets of social studies. It even dabbles a bit in the area of science. You will have the opportunity to view many different pages ranging from Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt to The Caribbean and Canada. A must see for all teachers!  Click Here
National Archive videos on Google  View historical videos from the National Archives.  Click Here
State Web Games  Learn the locations, capitals, abbreviations and over 500 important facts about our 50 states.  Click Here
The American Revolution  This site contains a timeline of the American Revolution with several fun activities, lessons, and an online test.  Click Here
The Lewis and Clark Journey Log  Here is a very good website from National Geographic about the Lewis and Clark Expedition. View an interactive timeline and see what type of danger and people they came across along the way.  Click Here
The PBS Kids Democracy Project  This is a great site on how the government works. You can also see how one person's vote can make a HUGE difference in an election. Step inside and be the President for a day!  Click Here
The Pledge of Allegiance  If you want a little knowledge on the history of The Pledge of Allegiance then click here. It wasn't always the way we know of it today. See what changes have taken place over the years.  Click Here
Timelines  History Timelines  Click Here
U.S. Rivers  Look here if you want to find information on the rivers of the United States.  Click Here
Ultimate Guide to the Iceman  Take a look here and find all kinds of interesting facts on the person known as the Iceman. You can even come up with your own conclusions to his death.  Click Here
Underground Railroad  Interactive site about the Underground railroad.  Click Here

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